A multi actor approach

The execution and management of the SmartProtect project will guarantee a multi-actor approach. Each of the parties with an interest in this project will be actively involved.


Coordination and management

of the project activities to ensure that the project goals are achieved

Duration M1-M36


Knowledge collection

of innovative methodologies and technologies as part of the integrated pest management (IPM) in vegetable production

Duration M1-M36


Benchmarking methodologies and technologies

available for SMART IPM gathered in WP2 will be analysed using a SWOT analysis to select the best practices available to date.

Duration M2-M30


Knowledge exchange

between scientific community, competent authorities, farmers and companies using the most suitable tools that will facilitate communication

Duration M1-M34


Knowledge management

through the detailed and widely dissemination and communication for the successful deployment of a set of promotional and dissemination materials.

Duration M1-M36

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