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The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) is a public body, representing farmers’ interests in Hungary in the overall agricultural sector – agriculture, rural development, food industry. It was founded in 2013 (with the merge of county level chambers) as a public body performing governmental and public functions. Currently, NAK has approximately 400 000 members (2/3 of them are agricultural farmers and 1/3 of them are food industrial companies or retailers) and more than a thousand of employees are working in the Chamber, including the central body and county divisions.

NAK is looking for the opportunity to take part in all kind of projects which results are potentially useful (directly or indirectly) for the actors of the food supply chain, so to its members. In these projects NAK mainly focuses on primer data collection, knowledge transfer and dissemination activities thanks to its countrywide network and infrastructural capacity. As member of COPA-COGECA, NAK also has connections to other farmer organizations in Europe, so has the potential to disseminate the results and experiences in a broader geographical area.

Involvement in SmartProtect project

The NAK collect the best IPM technologies/practices in Hungary in the identified focus themes in all demonstration crop cultures, both in the field and in greenhouse systems. The NAK helps to evaluate the collected good practices and disseminate the results of the project.

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