Institute of Horticulture



Partner Description

LatHort is significant research institution in horticulture in Latvia and Baltic Sea region. The elaboration of sustainable growing technologies is one of the main scientific directions of LatHort. Researchers are experienced in field trials on sustainable technologies in vegetable and berry cropping systems, soil fertility evaluation, plant protection and biotechnologies. Research personnel consist of 46 persons, lead researchers have experience in implementing of national and EU projects. Institute has well-equipped laboratories and field technique. LatHort has long-term collaboration with producers and NGOs in the horticulture.

Involvement in SmartProtect project

LatHort is taking part in development of Smart Technologies database and responsible for gathering information on existing SMART methodologies and technologies and particularly on summarizing the technologies in diagnostics of pests. As well as LatHort is involved in benchmark study, and knowledge exchange.

Contact Person

Līga Lepse

Lead Researcher


Arturs Stalažs



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