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Partner Description

EFOS Ltd. is an IT and R&D company developing complex IT solutions in the field of environment and food safety. Over the years it has successfully implemented its solutions in nearly 40 countries around the World.

Activities of Efos are focused in two main directions:

  • Projects for governmental bodies – vast majority of these projects are related to animal Identification and Registration (I&R) or Veterinary Information Systems (VIS). Such implementations were made for national food safety agencies, I&R departments or ministries of agriculture.
  • Automated pest insect monitoring and forecasting system Trapview, monitoring more than 50 different insect species in nearly 40 countries. Trapview is a novel crop protection decision support tool providing timely and accurate forecasts about future development of pest insects. This enables significant optimization of pest monitoring and crop protection. Predictions are based on data collected by automated traps coupled with AI enhanced processing that allows much greater accuracy of information about pest population than ever before. It is one of the crucial decision support tools when it comes to crop protection and connects growers, agriculture advisors, food processors and crop protection companies – all key stakeholders in food growing. Through Trapview, Efos positively impacts lives of millions worldwide.

Involvement in SmartProtect project

In SmartProtect, EFOS will be involved in the project to provide equipment, expertise and knowledge about automated pest monitoring solutions for evaluating SMART methodologies and technologies – monitoring systems for pest insects and will be providing experience, share real on-field case studies and best practices that can be used as inputs for the project activities.

Contact Person

Boštjan Božič

VP Sales and Marketing


Mateja Štefančič

Head of Biology Research


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