Fundación Cajamar



Partner Description

Fundación Cajamar (FC) is a non-profit foundation, dedicated to the benefit of society, agri-food sector and especially growers. It conducts national initiatives which support cooperatives, agri-food research and knowledge dissemination in order to promote the development and growth of the agri-food sector and its socioeconomic environment. Foundation belonging to Cajamar Caja Rural, the leading rural savings bank and credit union in Spain. Nowadays Fundación Cajamar’s aim is to increase its efforts in the development of new technologies and the search of alternative productions for Mediterranean greenhouses, keeping always in mind that knowledge transfer is a critical aspect for innovation, through this, scientific and technical resources to developing new innovative processes that improve competitiveness knowledge is transmitted. Seeking continuous improvement of the agri-food sector, we make the greatest effort to get the knowledge and the best technology solutions reach the different stakeholders.

Involvement in SmartProtect project

FC participates in WP2, W3, WP4 and WP5, but will have a special role in WP3, leading activities T3.2 Information validation, T3.3 Case studies, T3.4.1 Regulatory bottlenecks and T3.4.2 socio-economic bottlenecks in the Southern zone.

Contact Person

Dr. Mónica González Fernández

Group leader – Research scientist

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